Shares and shareholders

The capital of Doverie – united holding JSC is BGN 18 736 099 divided into 18 736 099 voting shares with nominal value of BGN 1 each.

The shares of Doverie – united holding JSC are traded freely on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange JSC, Main Market BSE, Segment Shares Standard, Stock exchange code 5DOV.

Each share of Doverie – united holding JSC gives right to:

  • One vote at the General Meeting of the Shareholders;
  • Dividend subject to the nominal value of the share;
  • Liquidation share


Financial year Value
1997г. 0.8964
1998г. 1.4055
1999г. 0.4629
2000г. 0.4139
2001г. 0.1044
2002г. 0.0989
2003г. 0.1293
2004г. 0.1051
2005г. 0.1624
2006г. 0.0066
2007г. 0.0131
2008г. 0.1147
2009г. 0.0124
2010г. 0.0284
2011г. 0.0392
2012г. 0.0026
2013г. 0.0086

In financial year 2003, the holding increased its capital at the expense of the retained earnings and reserves, and as at July 29, 2004 each shareholder received one free share for each of the shares that he/she already owned prior to the increase.


On trade in stocks of public companies:

  • For juridical persons – the incomes reduce the taxable basis, and the losses increase it (Corporate Income Tax Act, Art. 23).
  • For natural persons – incomes not subject to taxation (Natural Persons Taxation Act, Art. 13).

On payment of dividents:

  • For local juridical persons – traders – not subject to taxation (reduce the taxable basis)
  • For all the others – 5% tax at source.