MBAL – Doverie AD

This medical complex owns high-tech equipment and apparatus, and houses different specialised units. It is functionally divided into a Diagnostic & Consultation Centre and a General Care Hospital. More than 80% of all diagnostic procedures and therapies use minimally invasive (bloodless) methods applied by highly qualified teams of medical professionals with the help of top-level endoscopes.

  • Corporate ID: 131372487
  • Capital: BGN 15,135,040 divided into 1,513,504 shares with a nominal value of BGN 10 each.
  • Share held by Doverie – United Holding AD: Directly – 112,805 shares or 7.45 % of the capital of the company; through related parties – Industrialen Holding – Doverie AD: 1,400,699 shares or 92.55% of the capital of the company.

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