Industrialen Holding – Doverie AD

The operations of the holding include acquisition, management, assessment and sale of patents; licensing patents owned by companies in which the holding company has interest; domestic and international production and purchase / sale of goods and services; intermediary and engineering services; design and construction; real property management; scientific, technical, technological, and patent information, investor and independent construction supervision.

  • Corporate ID: 121683066
  • Capital: BGN 17,366,100 divided into 1,736,610 registered voting shares with a nominal value of BGN 10.
  • Share held by Doverie – United Holding AD: Directly – 1,516,411 shares or 87.32% of the capital of the company; through related parties – Homogen AD – 70,199 shares or 4.04%, OZOF Doverie Insurance AD – 150,000 shares or 8.64% of the capital of the company.