About the holding

DOVERIE – UNITED HOLDING AD is one of the largest holding companies in Bulgaria, uniting eighteen companies from eight different economic sectors in seven towns throughout Bulgaria. DOVERIE – UNITED HOLDING AD is a public company with shares freely traded on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange.

About us

The main business operations of the holding involve the acquisition, management, assessment and sale of shares and/or shareholdings in Bulgarian and foreign companies – legal entities, interest of any form in other local and/or foreign trade companies, and/or in their management; acquisition, management, and sale of obligations; acquisition, management, and sale of patents; licensing patents owned by companies in which the holding company has interest; any other business activity which is not banned by the effective laws.

The holding controls a large number of companies operating in the following sectors:

  • Health care and medical services;
  • Purchase / sale of DIY goods;
  • Health insurance;
  • Residential building and building materials industry;
  • Winemaking;
  • Production of detergents and household chemicals;
  • Renting out real estate and movable property.